To be successful…

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The 3 Most Important Skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century…

1. Cognitive Skills

In an era of information overload, we need people who can sift facts and information. People who have the skill of simplifying the complicated, and sourcing the information we actually need to get the job done, will be of high value. The ability to think and analyze will be more important than ever. This is where our education system should come in. We don’t need to memorize and

Repeat tons of facts and useless information. As I said, information is freely available everywhere. It is available when you need it…no need to cram your head full of useless junk which you may never use. How stressful!

The challenge today is NOT a lack of information but TOO MUCH!

This really brings about a new use for Critical Thinking. What is relevant? What isn’t? How do I do it? Where do I find it? Perhaps even more importantly, who knows what I need to know? These types of questions will need answers and quickly.

2. Communication Skills 

Communication can be divided into two distinct areas…technical and personal. The technical side of communication requires us to have access to, and be able to use the current media available to us. In its most basic form that means the phone, fax, computer, email and internet. Do you have these tools and can you use them effectively? If not, you lagging behind and need to catch up fast.

Remember… Standing still is the same as going backwards! 

Like it or not, the whole world is evolving and moving forwards. If you don’t keep up or keep in touch with what’s currently happening, you’re traveling in reverse.

The internet has really opened up a wealth of opportunities to the “Joe Average”. Not only are we able to communicate globally for little or no cost, we have access to information and solutions at our fingertips (24 hours a day). We can do business anywhere, anytime and with whom we choose (and again, for minimal cost!).

Being able to communicate on a personal level, getting in touch with people and building rapport is essential but why should they listen to you? Holding their attention, building credibility, and entertaining them at the same time, is the way of the future. Simply putting a product out there, or standing in front of a room full of students reciting facts, doesn’t cut it anymore. People want to be involved AND entertained…no matter what age. The students and consumers of today probably know more than you or I.

You can’t bullshit to people anymore. You can’t beat them into submission or force them into anything. One must be skilled in the power of persuasion and have “street creed”. The coming generations have little or no interest in hierarchies, politics, governments, unions, churches or any other organization that tells them what to do. If you belong to one of those organizations, you could be out or a job! In fact many of those organizations are steadily crumbling and those that remain can only afford to because they steal our money or force themselves onto us.

3. Entrepreneurial Skills 

Today’s entrepreneur can often bypass all the traditional marketing means and achieve success simply by implementing “guerilla marketing” techniques and utilizing the power of the internet and modern media.

For example…

  • Newspapers…bypassed.
  • TV…bypassed.
  • Radio….bypassed.
  • Yellow pages….Bypassed.
  • Advertising agencies…bypassed.

How? Easy. Today, anyone with a computer, a cheap video camera and basic internet and web design skills can utilize marketing methods that was previously only available to the big boys. One could even say that the big boys are only now catching up to the pioneering internet infopreneurs.

Why? Basically…greed. Have you ever priced TV, radio time or print advertising? Ever consulted with an advertising or marketing “guru”? Anyone who’s ever paid ten grand for a yellow pages ad and found that the phone barely rings will know what I mean by ineffectual and outmoded advertising! People are tired of being conned. Internet savvy entrepreneurs have embraced new technology and new business models that have seriously affected the dinosaurs of old.

Again, if you’ve been asleep at the wheel and if you’re in one of those industries, you could be out of a job! “Grass roots marketing” is having a severe impact on the big boys.

What that means is this. The opportunity to create whatever your heart desires has never been greater. You CAN succeed! No special qualifications required. The door is open to everyone. Imagine what you could achieve when you combine all three skills with technology!

Perhaps you’re an anarchist!

Are you an independent, free thinking, individual? Do you find that you don’t quite fit in? Do you have a burning need to do things your way? Do you have difficulty being a “team player”? Are you allergic to any form of authority?

Don’t worry! The world doesn’t need any more sheep.

You probably hated school, maybe even failed it (or it failed you!). You’re really a budding entrepreneur or potential leader that needs to find his purpose and channel all that energy positively. The world needs you and is waiting for your gift! 

The problem is not what you know or don’t know…
It’s that you don’t know that you don’t know it! (Think about it!!)

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