The Gut Never Lies: How to Master Your Intuition

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Have you ever had a gut feeling and not listened? Think about those times when, for example, something told you not to take a certain route to where you were driving to, you took it anyway, and ended up stuck in traffic.

There are other circumstances where not listening to your gut can cost you big time—like forming a business partnership that never felt right from the beginning. Sometimes the consequences of ignoring our sixth sense can have even more dire consequences.

In our culture, we don’t quite give the power of intuition its proper due. It all seems to be about know-how and doing more. Of course, knowing as much as you can about how to reach a goal can only lend toward success. Likewise, we have to act in order to get anywhere.

But there are times when we could have saved ourselves a lot of headache if we had just listened to our first instinct.

We have another source of intelligence within us that we tend to ignore. It’s the inherent wisdom of our spiritual nature. It can’t be measured, but it seems directly connected to the creative intelligence of the Universe.

It’s deeper, more refined, more subtle, more instinctive, and more intuitive than thinking.

Intuition comes to us generally in feeling rather than logic. When a woman thinks “This guy gives me the creeps,” it usually pays for her to listen to herself. She is drawing on well-distilled experience and instincts that are a thousand generations deep. In the same way, when someone refuses to go along with the crowd, they are relying on something more than what the world praises as “smart.”

Ask any really successful person and they will tell you success comes as much from intuition as from the brain. How many millionaires do you think go along with the crowd, or listen to the “conventional wisdom” that everybody else is following toward sameness? If you’re not utilizing this incredibly powerful inner guidance system that is at your service 24-7, you might as well be going through life with one hand tied behind your back.

The key is to get your mind to quiet down. Meditation helps, or even just really being present in the moment without labeling things as good or bad, right or wrong. 

Once the mind is quiet, wisdom can have its say.

The idea is to “stop thinking.” You’ve probably experienced this unexplainable phenomenon when you were trying to remember something but couldn’t. Finally, you stopped trying to “figure it out” and later on, out of the blue, the answer popped into your head.

Your spirit knows what’s right for you. It knows what directions you need to take for your highest good and the good of others.

The thinking mind is an awesome tool that’s meant to be used, but it pales in comparison to the inner wisdom of your intuition.

Trust in yourself. Trust in the Universe. Open to your higher guidance and have the courage to follow this guidance, even if it seems to defy logic, which is usually the case.

You should always trust your instinct and intuition. Never disregard your gut feelings! Often times, when we sense a vibe or feel uneasy, we make attempts to cover those emotions or sake ourselves out about how we are feeling. When this happens, the end result is that we should have gone with our gut instinct and intuition. Learn to trust yourself. Your instinct and intuition will never lie to you. This is true, not only in your personal life, but also in business.

So many times people have told me no but I never listened to them! I knew in my heart what was right, that my ideas were worth it and I took a risk. I took plenty of risks. Your instinct and intuition will never fail you – you are your best resource! You should never have to look outside of yourself for answers. All that you need is within you.

Tap into the power that you possess. Your spirit will guide you in your own truth. Just follow the core of who you are. There is no need for question or doubt. Your instinct and intuition can carry you to your chosen point of destination, if you let them. Always trust your instinct and intuition.

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