What is AURA ?

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Let me begin by reminding you of who and what you are. Everything that ever was, is now, or ever shall be is a part of the whole. Everything is connected – there is no true separation between anything at all. Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms, which are made out of smaller and smaller particles.

At the bottom is one uniform particle which only takes on different shapes by changing its configuration. In fact you, I, the air, and all solid matter are simply different configurations of this one fabric of particle/wave. If you go down to a small enough level, there is absolutely no way to distinguish between you and the chair you are sitting in, for instance. It is all one fabric of reality, with different configurations that cause the illusion of separate entities and things.

This is how a psychic can tune into other times, places, and people. This is how remote viewers can see other places. This is how you get a thought about a friend you haven’t seen in forever mere seconds before the phone rings. Information travels through all matter, and all matter is actually one fabric. We have merely Conditioned ourselves to focus our energy on the external entity that we believe is our self, and we ignore information coming from any other entity or thing. This is also the fundamental way in which the Law of Attraction works. Your intention becomes encoded information which travels out of you through the other Particles/waves of reality.

This information shapes physical reality, and if it is strong enough will manifest the full intention that the information carries. Another word for information is energy, so when I’m speaking of one or the other, I am speaking of both. Every entity that carries consciousness has a field of energy around them, known usually as the aura. This is outward-radiating energy/information from that consciousness, which carries beliefs, hopes, fears, expectations, and any other number of things. If you’ve ever noticed that someone always seems to have terrible timing, or on the other end of the spectrum, terrific luck, that is a function of the aura. The energy in the aura goes out ahead and draws the person into or away from things that don’t meld with that person’s energy. All energy is interactive, so you may notice that one group of people always seems to leave right before another group arrives, and vice-versa. These are two incompatible energy systems repelling one another.

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