Two Top Positive Parenting Rules

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After all said and done, there are two top positive parenting rules that are worth remembering and following.  Because, believe it or not, by using these rules almost 70 percent of parenting problems can be solved even before they are created!

Positive Parenting Rule #1: Love Your Children Unconditionally

Love your children unconditionally, for just being your children. Not for being obedient, not for getting good grades and not for being attractive, but for just being your children.

Positive Parenting Rule #2: Show Your Love through Actions

Hug children frequently, especially if they are young. Try to be there when they need you. Do your best to attend their school and college functions. Give them your attention; look at them while they speak. Appreciate their little and big achievements. Take them to picnic, museums, or other interesting places whenever possible.

Also, try to do things together. For example, make crafts or do housework like—cleaning, tidying, gardening, etc. Encourage them to make or build some models or toys or crafts, and display them in your home. Show it off proudly to other people… especially when your children are around!

Have Loads of Patience

Parenting is the most rewarding and fulfilling role we ever play in our life. But at times, it can also be very frustrating, irritating and exhausting! Because children have their own minds and moods. Their own likes and dislikes. To make them do what you want, to make them listen to your good suggestions and advice, you need to use lot of tricks and praises. Plus loads of patience 🙂

All this is not easy. But Your Love for your children will give you the Power to see through the end. And make anything possible.

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