The Will to Win

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The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

– Confucius


What does that mean?

To me, he is saying that excellence comes from your desires. The desire to win, to succeed, to extend yourself to reach your full potential. These are the beneficial side of desire, the motivation to excel and move beyond your present level of ability. Personal excellence, what does that mean to you?

Certainly to improve beyond where you are, you may very well be good, but are you excellent? At how many things? Where will you go from here, what is your next personal achievement? As an exercise for the reader, look up what the root meaning of the word “desire” is, it will help you understand how it can motivate you.

Why is desire important?

Remembering that there are both beneficial and harmful desires. The desire to win is beneficial, up to the point where you are willing to cheat in order to win. I think most of us can see the difference between them, and recognize roughly where the line should be drawn. In other instances, the line is a little less clear, but most of the time we will agree on the broader values and general location of the lines dividing the beneficial from the harmful desires.

Desire can be a powerful motivator. The desire to learn and improve yourself are also powerful motivational tools, if you choose to use them. Most of us will continue to desire to learn or improve ourselves, whether it’s exercising, knitting or learning a sport / art etc. These are the path to personal excellence.

The good days are self-motivating, you will be enjoying it and want to keep doing it. The other days, those are the days where you need some motivation. This is where your desire comes in. And you desire has to be stronger than the de-motivation that a rough day (or stretch of days) creates. Perseverance is easier when you have a reason, a desire, to reach the end.

If your desire was about the personal challenge of learning the language, perhaps it’s just the feeling of accomplishment, of overcoming the challenge. If your desire was to make business contacts or help grow the client list, perhaps it’s the feeling of passion for what you do, or the warm feeling you get by fulfilling the need of another.

Take a moment now, and reconsider the list and what you thought it would take to complete the tasks. Does it feel like it might just be a little easier, that you just might be able to make it happen? You may have got answers to the questions; how do I go for it? Now if answers are ready you only have to work it out simply.

Are you ready for the new one in you? Go out and become even more excellent!
Life will always give chances for doing better and better, only thing is to understand the hints coming from inside of you to choose the right path and move ahead. No matter it takes plenty of plunges in and out finding the right path but the process itself makes you stronger on attempt with strong will to do it right this time and again and again.

Never say DIE! Should be the attitude…

Please add your vision and quotes for the people who really strive for excellence.

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