Different Types of Computer

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computer network setupComputers are classified on the basis of size and function. On the basis of size of computer there are four types that are

Microcomputers: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones are the well known type of microcomputers. It is also known as personal computer.

Minicomputers: Minicomputers are multi user computers. Mini computers like the mainframe computers are used by a big organization. The main difference is that it can support the simultaneous working of up to 100 users it is usually maintained in business organizations for the maintenance of accounts and finances as server computer.

Mainframe computers: These computers are very fast and capable of handling and processing very large amounts of data very quickly. Mainframe computers are used in very large size institutions such as government, banks and large corporations. It is measured in MIPS (million instructions per second) and responds to up to 100s of millions of users at a time.

Supercomputers: A supercomputer is very high performing, it’s tasks involve instant numerical calculations such as nuclear simulations, weather forecasting, fluid dynamics and complex scientific computations.Tianhe-2,titan,ibm Sequoia are the well known name of supercomputers of US and China.Prithvi, PARAM ,Saga, Virgo are the name of Indian super computers.

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