Spice up your Life…!

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spice-up-your-lifeI mean changing the way you do the same thing daily and repetitively at the same time and same place. Of course there are few things that cannot change but for rest of the things we can rearrange our timetable and start bringing the change of the patterns within us. See life style is a series of instructions in the mind of a Human being which it follows in tandem and sub-consciously. The Brain records each and every action we take to perform an act whatever it may be.

Now, when we are ready to give it a cool effect we need to step aside from the regular patterns of our schedule.

Here are some simple ways to do it and you bet on it will work and give you fresh feelings.

Things to do …

Change your wakeup time: 5.00 A.M. to 5.30 A.M. going for a walk in a park at 6.00 A.M… why late…? Because you will see new faces walking… earlier you used to see same faces in the morning… so new faces.

Change your attire during morning walk… if you are wearing shorts & Ts try to get in track suits… you may feel a difference the way the people used to see you.

I may sound funny but at times experimenting on your own self makes one feel charged up as you see the reactions some smiles and some questions too just for fun.

Similarly you can take your lunch at different time of the day and not sticking to the watch, instead shift the time from 1.30 to early 12.30 and try and vary the places where you eat – may be in officer’s canteen or in a nearby fast food joint or a restaurant. If you are at home you can change the place you usually eat. Instead of dining table go for a couch or near the window so you enjoy view while eating or listening to some light music or something which is away from a regular type.

If you love to cook, try out new cuisine at home even some international cuisine which can be done on Saturday evenings throughout the month.

Spend days without seeing Television and spending time reading some good books or gardening out. Plant some creepers and vegetable for your kitchen garden seeing them grow.

One thing which I never miss out in a rainy season is to completely drench out in rain and go home. It’s a lovely feeling you feel cold you feel the rain beating you and making music near your ears. Sometimes even go for a long drive in rain its lovely feeling… empty roads and people seeing you getting drenched in rain

Learn to play a music instrument like Guitar or violin or even drums.

Change will change the whole repetitive clumsy schedule and give a fresh air in your life.

Only one thing is important here is to think differently…

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