Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP

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20130311-httpHyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems that allow users of the World Wide Web to exchange information and data communication.

When anyone wants to access a web page, he or she must enter http:// in front of the web address, which directs the browser to communicate over HTTP. For example, one must type http://www.xyz.com to visit www.xyz.com.

Now a days modern browsers do not require HTTP to be added in front of the URL as it is the default way of communicate. However, it is still needed in browsers to access other protocols such as FTP through the browser.

Some of the major facts on HTTP are as follows:

  • The term HTTP was coined by Ted Nelson.
  • HTTP commonly utilizes port 80, 8008, or 8080.
  • HTTP/0.9 was the first introduced in 1991.
  • HTTP/1.0 is specified in RFC 1945 and introduced in 1996.
  • HTTP/1.1 is specified in RFC 2616 and officially released in January 1997.


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