5 Things You Need to Build your Website

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A website gives you a face on the world wide web and caters your online presence over the internet. Before you start building your website, you must know what minimum things you need to get your project done successfully.

  1. A Domain Name:
    A domain name is the website address or the URL location where customers will find your website on the Internet. This is also called an Internet Address. Your website’s domain name is usually your business name like www.yourbusiness.com or you can use keywords relating to your business if your business name is not available for your domain name. For Example, www.webdesignersranchi.com if you are a web designer from Ranchi and want to provide your services in Ranchi. Every domain name is unique and no two website can have the same domain name. Once you have purchased a domain name, no one else can buy or use that domain name until you either lose it, or sell it.
  2. A Web Hosting Server:
    A website includes web pages and other associated files and they need to be hosted on a web hosting server to make them live over the internet. These web servers need to be online round the clock so that your website never goes down, so always look for a web hosting company that provides 24 hour support.
  3. A Proper Plan:
    Before you start with your website project, it is important you understand the goal of your website, your target audience and what you want to achieve from your website in order to hit the bull’s eye. A well-devised plan will always save you a lot of time, effort and money.
  4. Text Content for your website:
    Your website must look good and eye catchy, but it also needs to get your message across. Your Website’s content must do two things:

    1. It should sell your products and services and also communicate your message.
    2. Your Website must be search engine friendly by including keywords relevant to your business so that your business can be searched on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. using those keywords. Like if you are a software development company from Ranchi, then your prospect is in searching for “Software development company in Ranchi,”. Keyword-rich web contents help these prospects find your website. A professional copywriter can help you by writing content for your website that both communicates your message and is search engine friendly.
  5. A Professional Website Design:
    A good and professional website design is always required for a website to attract a visitor, yet it should be lite and should load fast so that your prospective client does not leaves your website out of frustration. It should be eye catchy and relevant to the purpose of the website. There are many designers out there in the market to choose from, however not all website designers are creative and able to arrange your required contents properly on the website. Pay attention to the web designer’s portfolio to review the professionalism of their work and also see how helpful they are in answering your questions and giving you proper solutions for your requirements.
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