The secret is… your spoken word

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That’s right – the words that you speak are the most powerful magic in the universe. Why is this?

Because the act of speaking creates physical energy, sound waves, using the intention behind the words to charge that energy.

This means that rather than thinking and thinking and feeling and feeling and waiting and waiting for thoughts to manifest from the higher planes all the way down into the dense energy of physical reality, you have already brought your intention across the divide and that intention-charged energy is now physical in the form of sound waves.

Have you ever noticed that often when you wonder something aloud, the answer immediately presents itself? Or that when you say “now where is so-and-so?”, so-and-so shows up?

Why do churches pray aloud in unison? Why do Buddhists chant? Why are we taught that lying and cursing are wrong? Sure, lying and cursing are societal taboos, but upon what are they based?

The answer to all of these questions is that the spoken word carries immense power.

The problem is, our reality has become such a noisy place that chaos has taken over. Have you ever noticed that gossips are generally unhappy people?

Do you think that means that unhappy people tend to gossip, or is it possible that gossiping makes unhappy people? Really think about it!

When someone is speaking negative things, putting that energy out into their aura and reality, what do you think is bound to happen?

That dirty energy they charged and manifested will form into negative experiences, people, and objects in that person’s life.

In many instances, this is attributed to karma, but karma is really only another word for cause-and-effect.

If you manifest negative crud in your life (cause), you get negative crud in your life (effect). That one’s such a no-brainer that the cause and effect is the same thing!

All of this because people are not aware that their spoken word holds infinite power.

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