First time going for an Interview

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Making yourself available for an opportunity means stepping outside of your comfort zone, communicating and sharing yourself, enquiring, asking for help, sowing seeds, getting out there and being proactive towards achieving your goal.

This is how one starts the journey to get a job later these steps will enable you to have belief within yourself to make a career in the choice you have already taken in first step.

Preparing yourself for interview does not mean that you have to mug up 100 questions and answers. The process is not that simple. First put down your abilities and strengths on a paper focus on it and think how you can answer any question relating to your abilities and strength. The Resume consist of the physical qualities you have acquired during the process of education and subsequently you have developed internal abilities and strengths to control yourself.

Narrating your skills and thinking how your interview will look like, one should practice the sequence of imagination in mind before the day you are supposed to go. What was the result and how the person in front of you reacted means a lot be positive about your performance and always see that you were greeted and asked to take a seat. This sequence builds up lot of confidence within.

First question when asked means the interviewer wants to break the ice of silence: asks – Tell me something about yourself:

This is a very easy as well as very tough question. Easy in the sense that if you have already created your own story in your mind which you are going to narrate in front of the interviewer. If you have no idea how to answer this question means you have lost half the battle.

The story or anything which one speaks out has twin effects- the interviewer accesses your mind as well as he also introspects himself: Try this with one of your friend: tell a story about yourself in front of him and ask your friend what was his reaction while you were telling the story: you will be surprised to hear the answer. The friend of yours also introspected as the flow of story went up and down. The same is the situation in the interview room.

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