Be Impeccable With Your Word

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Think carefully when you speak. I realize this may take a slight reworking of your social habits, and may estrange you from some of your old friends, but it is very important that you wield this power with the greatest of care. If you truly want your life to become magical, and you want to create your ideal reality, your spoken word is your greatest ally as well as your greatest enemy.

The day will come when you will always speak meaningfully and with a purpose, and you will see the manifestations of those intentions occurring nearly instantaneously.

The subconscious mind plays an astoundingly powerful role in the emergence of your physical life. Your subconscious more or less chooses what you will and will not experience and is coded by your long-term thinking habits and beliefs. Basically, the subconscious can be thought of as the supercomputer that you have programmed to bring you the day to day categorized reality that you now perceive.

Life itself is very different. It is a swirling, vibrating mass of energy in various configurations that is ever changing. This energy, perceived via your senses as sight, sound, etc, is parsed and edited within your brain using the programming of your subconscious. What you then perceive is merely a representation of reality, as viewed by you. You don’t actually see reality; you see the brain’s representation of reality. What bits of reality you are able or unable to perceive is dictated by your subconscious mind, which in most ways is little different than a machine. This machine is, generally speaking, resistant to change, otherwise your reality would change as frequently as you encounter a different thought.

Becoming impeccable with your word is perhaps the greatest skill you can ever master. You don’t have to master it in order to use it for your benefit, so start right away. Experiment with these techniques and begin remaining aware when you speak as to what intent or energy you are putting out into the world around you. When you are watching for it, the results will be much more obvious, and you will quickly be able to verify this process.

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