The Key Lesson

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Like it or not, your life is exactly as you have made it. You are the architect of your life, good or bad. All of your problems were created by you alone, not by your partner, or your parents, or your boss. And all of your successes were created by you, not by luck or chance.

It is critical that you realize that nobody else is to blame for your troubles. Until you accept this as fact, and until you stop blaming others for all your problems, you will not be able to create a better life for yourself. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow—it certainly was for me. But once you do, then a whole new world with unlimited possibilities will open up to you!

I am not the Writer of these lines. I am just an avid reader putting my head into topics which gives me a sort of inspiration to go through it. Learning is different thing altogether… that means that I have learnt it… means I know it… but reading is different. Just think about it.

Keeping in mind that fresh minds are going to see this blog… firstly I want to make it clear that methods, rules, roles, and approach mentioned herein are purely my own creation and has no connections with any person living or dead. Similarity may be a coincidence.

How do you know yourself?

Yes! By being son/daughter of your parents, brother/sister in families etc. Knowing yourself means inside-outside of you. The Conditioning from the environment you have grown today plays a very important role in forming your ATTITUDE. It is towards yourself as well as towards the world.


Now Attitude defines Altitude, How big you are… things you do… And how people accept you all is defined by your attitude. There may be a big discussion on Good Attitude and Bad Attitude, who is to judge..? Nobody but you… yourself.

Learning small things in life regularly will keep you on track as well as make you a very powerful person from inside.

HOW ? Keep Reading and visiting this Place for while…

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