The Game of Life

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Each one of us has the ability to play the game of life with balance, harmony and joy, but we need to know the rules and the principles. What we want to do here is to work on recognizing, remembering and using the principles to improve the quality of our lives. Life works according to principle and physical law. If it didn’t, you couldn’t fly an airplane, because there would be no gravity, there would be no such thing as electricity, and one-plus-one would not equal two.

How we get the balance in life. Think about our tender childhood when we were a toddler… no rules, no book, no job to do, nothing to ask, nothing to give and so on…
But today we follow our own system a premeditated and planned system; in our family in our office, the way we talk, laugh, smile etc, people in our circle are able to recognize us subconsciously they do not have to even look at us…yes yes he is the guy! How this system runs?

Everybody plays the game of life within the rules and as we have a much closed society we correlate ourselves as colleagues, boss, friend etc. As person grows older his wisdom also grows and has experience in handling various types of situation.

Why we are sent to school, then to college, then some degree, just to understand and choose the circle of life and play the game. A person becomes Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer or any other profession he may choose game is there. What if there is no education? Just watch some people who cannot afford education… even they have to play the game of life, without any profession but just to live on and on. We find beggars, rag pickers roaming around, just ask them…they will narrate a plan and the rules of the game of life.

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