A T T I T U D E = H A B I T S = B E H A V I O U R

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Habits can be formed and habits can be changed but habit remains inside a human being… after many years in life one can see that some way or other a person is inclined towards that particular habit which was present at an early stage of life. You may agree to this as I myself had experienced the same when my mom pointed out that you used to do it when you were a kid.

Habits are sequence of repeated signals for a change. Habits are somewhat mastered acts that people do repeatedly. One of the most remarkable differences between habits and behavior is that, behaviors are outputs of an individual towards his environment, while habits are the input of the environment on that certain individuals; this is why they say that ‘habits die hard.’

Now here you can make out that how complex is a person when growing up begins in its life. The Effect of environment is constantly effecting us day and night, let it a child or a man nobody can escape this. Here we can say that a grown up individual cannot change or hardly changes its habit or behavior but let me tell you that there is always a change in environment so it reflects on the human being and slowly and silently it makes a way into human behavior. Behavior is an act which is done cautiously as it is output of the environment, whereas habit is formed as input of environment.

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